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Costa Rica Atlantic

Bird Watching Tour

$130.50 USD (with Transportation and Lunch)

$99.00 USD (with Lunch only)

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Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic (Near Limon and San Jose)

Birding Tour: Bird Watching near Limon and San Jose

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Enjoy the challenge of spotting birds high in the treetop of the rainforest with Costa Rica Atlantic bird watching, one of the best things to do in Costa Rica.

Due to their locations and the ecosystems they protect, the Rainforest Adventures parks offer unparallel opportunities to observe an incredible variety of birds throughout the year. A record-breaking 403 species and 13,356 individuals have been identified. Bird watching in Costa Rica Atlantic is one of the most fruitful ways to see birds in their element.

Costa Rica Bird Watching Experience

  • Guides with special knowledge about the birds in our park
  • A ride on the Costa Rica Atlantic Aerial Tram
  • Lodge in the heart of the forest - great for nocturnal species observation
  • Paved trails that allow placement of tripods and noiseless advancement

Atlantic Park Bird Watching Factoids

  • Our reserve averages 365 species of bird in 50 families annually
  • 72 species are abundant and common
  • On a good day you might add 21 uncommon birds to your list
  • Observation of migratory birds is optimal in October and November

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Buy Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic Bird Watching Tickets

Prices (with transportation and lunch):

Adults / Students: $130.50 USD

Prices (with lunch only):

Adults / Students: $99.00 USD

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