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Latille Waterfall and Gardens

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latille waterfall - St Lucia Latille Waterfall and Gardens is situated just off the east coast of St. Lucia, a little way into the interior of the island where the rainforest begins. These lush grounds are filled with blooming flowers, fruit trees, and herb gardens so tranquil you'll never want to leave. A waterfall in the gardens ads to the beauty of this lush and green natural tourist attraction.

Photo on the left: Latille Waterfall image by Duncan Gregory on Flickr

Swimming at the Latille Waterfall

Descending 20 feet from the mountain, the enchanting Latille Waterfallplunges with a great force, surrounded by the lush vegetation. The watercascades to create a pool, deep enough to allow visitors to swim andhave fun, especially on warm days. After swimming, the visitors canexplore the scenic watercourse and additional pools downstream, whichadds to the rich foliage of the attraction.

A Tour on the Latille Gardens

The tranquil Latille Gardens is one of the well maintained gardens in Saint Lucia. Experiencing the enticing serenity of these gardens and swimming in the pool under the waterfall are the main reasons why thousands of people from across the world are attracted to this natural tourist attraction. These local gardens surrounding the waterfall has trails where you can leisurely stroll after having a cool dip at the pool. Explore the wonders of the lush vegetation of St. Lucia while enjoying the scents and sounds of the rainforest in the background.

Image (below): Swimming in Latille, a photo of Fox Grove Inn courtesy of TripAdvisor.

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