wild Caribbean adventure getaway

A wild Caribbean adventure getaway. Top 3 picks for you

Find the perfect romantic getaway or honeymoon spot is very much a bonding experience.

Checking brochures and scrolling through Instagram photos to find that perfect romantic place should be a stress-free experience as the actual romantic getaway or vacation.

If you’re after a romantic nature break on the lush and peaceful Caribbean islands we have a top 3 romantic destinations in the Caribbean you should visit.

Lively and picturesque Jamaica offers Sun-basking, reef-swimming, golden sands of the famous Seven Mile Beach, you name it! So, whether you’re looking for a romantic adventure, fun or sun, there are so many things to do in Jamaica.

You can visit Rainforest Adventures and enjoy amazing adventures like:

Feeling the adrenaline rush of Ziplining at Mystic Mountain, climbing to the top of the Dunn’s River Falls, Taking an exhilarating ride in the Bobsled at Mystic Mountain and many other fun and wild adventures.

Saint Lucia

St. Lucia, what a tourist’s paradise!  Saint Lucia has some of the most spectacular scenery in the Caribbean. The south is where the world heritage site, Saint Lucia’s Pitons are at. Day-trip excursions between the north and south of St Lucia can be made easily.

 For a truly spectacular and wild adventure, book a tour at Rainforest Adventures and don’t miss all the thrills where you’ll experience adrenaline in all ways possible with high-altitude zips and fast walks between the different platforms, Bird watching, beautiful Botanical gardens and more. Get more information of the amazing things to do in St Lucia, different alternatives for walks and outings at Rainforest Adventures and book now an unforgettable experience.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a 32-island paradise for yachting, Snorkeling and diving. A wild Caribbean adventure getaway visits Mount Royal and enjoy the panoramic views of the Caribbean waters around the spectacular locations of Mustique, Bequia and Tobago Cays.

 Tourist sites on St. Vincent you should check out: 

  • Botanic Gardens,
  • La Soufrière Volcano,
  • Wallilabou Falls,
  • Falls of Baleine,
  • Dark View Falls,
  • Montreal Gardens,
  • Owia Salt Pond,
  • Black Point Tunnel,
  • Cumberland Nature Trail. 

A wild Caribbean adventure getaway is guaranteed to be spectacular wherever you go, and I  just want to remind you that if you’re planning your next vacation or romantic getaway  in a Caribbean paradise, filled with adrenaline, adventure, and emotion, don’t forget that you can get up to a 30% discount booking online on all Rainforest Adventures locations! All that’s left to do then, is make that difficult choice of which adventure you’ll book. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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