Wonderful Extreme Travel Adventures

Wonderful Extreme Travel Adventures To Try At Least Once In Your Life

When it comes to travel, a great part of the experience is trying something new. If you are courageous enough, you can easily enjoy some incredible activities that will get your blood pumping and will create long-lasting memories.

For your next vacation, how about taking a change? Here are some fantastic Wonderful Extreme Travel Adventures options that you should try at least once and that can only be described as being extreme.

Skydiving In Australia

While you can experience skydiving in many countries, Australia is renowned for having some really special spots. You can always consider Wollongong Wonderful Extreme Travel Adventures, which is close to Sydney or Mission Beach skydive, which is close to Cairns. This second option is sometimes preferred because of the incredible views you get of the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. If you decide to skydive in Australia, be sure that you record it.

The Highest Cliff Jump In The World

If cliff jumping is something that you would enjoy, head over to Queenstown, New Zealand. This is where you get to experience the highest one in the world, offering some fantastic views, if you get the courage, of course.

Surfing In South Africa At Jeffrey’s Bay

There are thousands of incredible surfing destinations that are simply incredible around the world. Oceans are always incredible and you can easily have a tremendous experience if you just choose a good spot. The one that should be considered is Jeffrey’s Bay. It became famous because of Endless Summer, a cult surfing film.

Water Rappelling In Costa Rica

There are people that refer to this activity as abseiling while others say repelling. Both involve the exact same thing. Water-rappelling is close to identical to these and you go down the waterfalls. Those that watched the Bear Grylls show already know a lot about this option but few know the incredible experience that is possible in Costa Rica, a country renowned for bird watching, meditation, surfing and so much more.

If you are in Costa Rica, be sure that you also try the longest zipline in Latin America, which is a whopping 1.5 kilometers and you get to experience it as Superman. With its controlled breaking system, you’ll enjoy a fully hands free experience, almost like flying through the air! Plus, with a double harness and double cable, all you have to do is relax, and enjoy the ride.

Swim With Great White Sharks In South Africa

When it comes to shark diving, there are numerous incredible destinations that you can try. However, in South Africa you can see the majestic great white shark. While the Jaws movie did make these sharks seem as if they are incredibly bad, the truth is that they can be quite friendly if you know what to do.

Go around Cape Town or Mossel Bay and choose the services of one of the operators there. You can also consider some scuba diving with Bull sharks and Tiger sharks, which is possible at Protea Banks.

The Bike Death Road In Bolivia

Last but not least, if you are good at biking, the Bike Death Road is something that you want to consider in Bolivia. You can visit it in La Paz. Just be sure that you learn about it in advance and that you watch some videos on YouTube. It is definitely just for the

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