5 Caribbean Sunsets That Will Take Your Breath Away

Are you looking for the best Caribbean Sunsets? I have a few for you, but rather than your typical stand around with the other tourist’s type, each one on this list is full of action. I want you to contemplate these sunsets pumped with maximum adrenaline, not just sitting placidly in your beach chair.

Ready to start hunting for those magical sunsets? Well, you’re going to need your photo equipment and your smartphone on hand for sure. That way, you can take the best advantage of those precious few moments of intense hues lighting up sky and sea. Don’t miss out on this experience on your next vacation. I assure you, you won’t regret the effort.

Coche Island in Venezuela

Beach in Coche Island

A beach with sand so white it’s the stuff of dreams, along with the ideal winds for a kitesurfing adventure while the sun sets spectacularly in the background. Rest assured it will be the perfect combination: the colors illuminating the sky and the sea, contrasting with those of your kite. (Be sure you bring your waterproof case!) Show your friends the photos when you return. They’ll be jealous for sure. Do you like paddle boarding? That’s another good option, and a bit more relaxing.

Cabarete in the Dominican Republic

Cabarete beach in Dominican

Caribbean Sunsets to the rhythm of merengue? What’s not to enjoy?  Let’s head to Cabarete where the magnificent climatic conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing combine with an absolutely unforgettable sunset. Dancing to this lively beat will definitely get your heart pumping. But don’t let the music distract you. If you do there’s a serious risk you’ll lose valuable sunset minutes.

Roatán in Honduras

Bay Islands with turquoise seas

The sunsets in the Bay Islands with their turquoise seas will leave you hypnotized, but we’re looking for lots of action. So let’s jump on a paddleboard to better appreciate such an incredible spectacle. Later we’ll end the day with a bowl of seafood soup, as everyone visiting here should.

Tropical Rainforest in Jamaica

Rainforest Adventures in Ocho Rios

And how about we also go to a park in the heart of the tropical jungle of Jamaica? We rise up to 700 feet above sea level via one of the tours offered by Rainforest Adventures in Ocho Rios. From a mountaintop covering more than 100 acres of rainforest, you can see all the way down to the shoreline! From those heights, we can appreciate a very different sunset, straight from the heart of nature. Sounds good, right!?

Reduit Beach on St. Lucia

volcanic beach in St Lucia

This gorgeous volcanic beach has a sunset that just might result in marriage if you see it with your girlfriend. Here, we’re gonna slow the pace a bit. And that thing about marriage? Don’t think it’s a joke, though for many this to turns into an extreme sport. Or didn’t you know that in St. Lucia there’s a law that allows marriage between foreigners after only 10 days of residency. So be careful with those sunsets that might end in a wedding.

I hope you take advantage of all these Caribbean Sunsets and let us know in the comments which would be your favorite. Have you seen one of them already? Personally, I’m going to St. Lucia beacuse there are more things to do in St Lucia. At least while I’m sitting here looking at my girlfriend’s threatening face as she waits to see where I’ll pick.  See you soon and don’t forget to give us your thoughts and ideas on topics you’d like to see covered here.


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