A wild Caribbean adventure getaway. Top 3 picks for you

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Find the perfect romantic getaway or honeymoon spot is very much a bonding experience. Checking brochures and scrolling through Instagram photos to find that perfect romantic place should be a stress-free experience as the [...]

Visual Adventure: Butterfly Garden, Orchids garden & more

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Get your camera ready for a spectacular Visual Adventure Butterfly Garden in Costa Rica, colorful, Instagrammable landscapes, exotic flowers, awesome birds and magical butterflies. There will be no time to blink with all the beauty [...]

Wonderful Extreme Travel Adventures To Try At Least Once In Your Life

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When it comes to travel, a great part of the experience is trying something new. If you are courageous enough, you can easily enjoy some incredible activities that will get your blood pumping and will [...]

Let’s celebrate Earth Day at Rainforest Adventure Parks!

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Happy Earth Day! Let’s celebrate Earth Day at Rainforest Adventures. Earth Day with fun and engaging activities to raise awareness for the planet. Earth Day, also called International Mother Earth Day, is celebrated on April 22 when global [...]