Visit Jamaica and save money

Visit Jamaica and save some money with these 7 tips and tricks

When it comes to tropical vacations, Jamaica is arguably one of the most popular destinations. However, first-time travelers are often a bit anxious to visit the Caribbean country because of the costs. So, in this article, you will learn how to enjoy Jamaica on a budget. Visit Things to do in Jamaica and save some money with these 7 tips and tricks

One thing that might surprise you is that contrary to what you might think, traveling to Jamaica isn’t actually all that expensive. At the current exchange rate, a flight to the island country will cost you as low as $200. Once there, you can get a good accommodation for around $48 a night. Getting around is also inexpensive as a bus trip is only under a dollar.

As for food and leisure, a sumptuous dinner will cost you around $11. And depending on the activities that you want to try out, you might have to shell out around $79 for each.

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How to save on your Jamaica trip

Of course, you can still cut down the costs of your Jamaican vacation. Here are some useful tips for visit Jamaica and save some money:

1. Choose the right season to visit

Winter and spring are often the busiest seasons in Jamaica when a lot of tourists come in. This is also when hotel rates can go up significantly and the bookings get sold out fast. On the other hand, summer and fall are when the resorts offer some great deals. If you still want to visit during the peak season, then it is best that you book early while the rates are not still going up.

2. Book a cruise

This might seem like an odd tip as cruises are often thought to be only for the rich. But, cruises will actually help you save on the trip since you already get transportation, accommodations, and even activities in one package. And you can also ditch the plane ticket as there are some cruises with nearby home ports that you can just drive to and hop on board the ship.

3. Consider the exchange rate

This is something that a lot of new travelers tend to forget. Exchange rates can affect almost every part of your trip. Luckily, though, Jamaica’s currency rate is tied to the US dollar rate, so you don’t have to worry about sudden changes in value. Still, it would be best to monitor currency rises and drops to determine how much cash you should bring.

4. Ditch the exchange counter

In most areas in Jamaica, US dollars are accepted as a mode of payment, so you don’t have to worry about exchange rates as mentioned above. On the othe4r hand, if you do need to pay in Jamaican dollars, it would be better to get the cash from ATM’s instead of going to currency exchange counters. This is because the former use the international exchange rate, which is usually better than the ones offered by the latter.

5. Find where the locals eat

Here, you are not only getting cheaper meals, you will also be able to partake in a more genuine local cuisine. In case you are unsure where to find these eateries, you can always ask the hotel front desk or the local cab drivers to take you there.

6. Pay the local grocery a visit

Instead of going down the hotel restaurant or cafeteria to get a snack, why not just make your own? Jamaica has a thriving network of grocery stores and markets where you will be able to get everything from bread, fresh fruits, seafood, and other stuff you might need. These will come in handy should you have midnight cravings.

7. Forget about the resort

Depending on the activities that you plan on doing, you might end up not even using the amenities provided there. So, instead of having to pay for these, get a hotel with fewer accommodations. You also should not be that picky about your location. While your hotel might be farther from the beach, you will still be able to get there for a swim, and it will cost you less than strict seaside resorts.


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